Finance and Membership Council

Finance and Membership Council

The goals of the Council are to:

  • coordinate events for new and expanding businesses
  • increase membership by promoting Alliance membership benefits
  • recruit local leaders for Alliance Ambassador Program
  • coordinate a Membership Drive to increase Alliance membership
  • publish the quarterly Alliance newsletter
  • continue Member Ad Program
  • prepare Alliance Annual Report
  • publish updated Corinth & Alcorn County Community Profile and Membership Guide
  • maintain and promote The Alliance’s website in order to increase exposure of members
  • continue to maintain current and develop new benefits for members
    Christian Albarracin, FMC Chair
    Christian Albarracin, FMC Chair

The Alliance is eager to promote and serve its diverse membership group with a wide range of valuable services.  We are truly grateful for each of their contributions to our community and their partnership with the Alliance which drives a continuous cycle of shared prosperity for both our community and their organization.

Finance and Membership Council Members

Brian Craven, Past Chair