Business & Industry

Business & Industry

Alcorn County is home to a large number of enterprises, many of which have been in business for a very long time. Their continued success is strong evidence of the positive business climate and other advantages of this area.

Kimberly Clark Corporation Building

Kimberly-Clark Corporation Building

Existing Businesses

Among the more than 50 existing businesses and industries, nine employ more than 100 people, for a total of over 3,700 workers. Their products cover a wide range: electronics, engine remanufacturing, printing and publishing, wood products, plastics, containers, paper products, industrial equipment, and health services, to name the most prominent. See Existing Businesses for more detailed information.

Target Industries

Mississippi Polymers Warehouse Building

Mississippi Polymers Warehouse Building

The area is ripe with opportunity for new businesses and for expansion of existing industries. Advantages include

  • availability of construction-ready sites
  • excellent access to transportation and markets
  • ready availability of utility and communication services
  • a large, highly trained workforce.

The combination of these assets can be especially valuable to industries in the transportation, plastics manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, tourism, and health care businesses. Learn more about opportunities for target industries.

View a listing of available properties and vacant land for development in Alcorn County.