Rail Lines

Alcorn County lies at the crossroads of two major rail lines the Norfolk Southern and Kansas City Southern and is the terminus of a third, Mississippi Central Railway, connecting Corinth with Red Bay, Alabama. Businesses and industries are well served by these lines and the convenience of a marshalling yard located in Corinth.

Norfolk Southern Railroad

The Norfolk Southern was awarded $52 million in federal funding to construct the Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility at Rossville, Tennessee, about 65 miles west of Corinth. The facility, which opened in 2012, provides access to rail, water, and truck transportation in a single terminal.

The project is part of Norfolk Southern’s $2.5-billion Crescent Corridor initiative, a package of upgrades and improvements to the existing 2,500-mile rail network that runs through 13 states and touches 26 percent of the nation’s population.

Kansas City Southern Railroad

Mississippi Central Railway

  • Owned by Pioneer Railcorp
  • Operates 41.5 miles
  • Runs between Corinth, Mississippi, and Red Bay, Alabama