Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Alcorn County and the City of Corinth offer a pleasant climate and a beautiful natural setting in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains combined with a robust, diverse business environment and a progressive outlook on the future.


Downtown Bank in the old Post Office

Downtown Bank in the old Post Office

Corinth is by far the largest of the county’s communities and the center of business and industry. It combines strong economic energy with true southern hospitality and congenial living circumstances. The smaller towns of Farmington, Glen, Kossuth, and Rienzi provide opportunities for those seeking a more rural living experience. Read more about Alcorn County’s communities.

Education and Schools

Students in Corinth are served by Corinth School District, one of the state’s best as rated by the Mississippi Department of Education. The system operates three elementary schools, a junior high school, and a high school. The schools offer many enrichment, remediation, and special education programs plus a range of extracurricular activities.

Alcorn County students living outside of Corinth are served by the Alcorn County School District, which serves over 3,700 students at 8 schools located across the county. They include three elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high schools. Students in the district met or exceeded the pass rate in all areas of the subject area testing program (SATP) in 2009. Learn more about city and county schools.

Health Care

The Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth provides a wide range of emergency and routine health-care services for residents of Alcorn County and five surrounding counties.

At the core of its services, the center operates a 200-bed hospital that was recognized as a Thomson Top 100 Hospital in 2006. State-of-the-art equipment in key areas ensures that the necessary test procedures and expert treatment can be provided in Corinth without the need to travel to other areas.

The center also provides home nursing care and related services to 10 counties, and it operates two rural health clinics in Alcorn County. Learn more about health care options in Alcorn County.

Outdoor Recreation

Opportunities for indoor and outdoor recreation abound in Corinth and Alcorn County.

Interpretive Center

Interpretive Center

  • Two city parks provide space and facilities for many forms of recreation.
  • For younger children, the Crossroads Fun Station megaplayground at Crossroads Regional Park near downtown Corinth is always a hit.
  • Four state parks within a 60-mile radius, three located on lakes, provide outstanding opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Several offer overnight lodging or camping facilities.
  • Six golf courses, three at Corinth and three within a 45-minute drive, offer well-designed, challenging courses.
  • The Crossroads Arena, boasting the state’s largest arena floor, schedules many events throughout the year, including concerts, rodeos, and trade shows.
  • A state wildlife management area near Corinth provides opportunities to hunt waterfowl, deer, rabbits, and squirrels. Fishing and birdwatching are also popular on the site.

Learn more about things to do in Alcorn County.

Festivals and Events

The Corinth Main Street Association, in cooperation with several partner organizations, organizes festivals and events that include the famous annual Slugburger Festival; Hog Wild in Corinth, a barbecue cooking competition; the annual SOUTHBank Celebrate Corinth event in historic downtown; and a Christmas parade. See details about festivals and events.

Government and Public Safety

A five-member board of supervisors governs Alcorn County. Members are elected from single-member districts and serve four-year terms. The City of Corinth is governed by a mayor and board of aldermen, also elected for four-year terms. Both boards are very active in fostering economic development, cooperating to accommodate the needs of existing and prospective businesses and industries.

Law enforcement is provided by the sheriff’s office at the county level and by a police department in Corinth. Fire protection outside the city limits is provided by ten volunteer fire departments across the county, and in Corinth by a fire department serving 30.5 acres with full-time employees, including EMT’s and First Responders, working out of four fire stations. Read more about Alcorn County government and public safety.

County and City Taxes

View the current millage rates for Alcorn County, and the cities of Corinth, Farmington, and Rienzi.