Fall 2017 Newsletter

The Alliance

Under the direction of new President, Clayton Stanley, The Alliance has undergone many changes. There is a new logo, a new location and a new staff. However, the goal of The Alliance remains unchanged. Our mission is to stimulate and support economic development and to continually enhance the quality of life in Corinth and Alcorn County.

Virginia Boyd-James
Virginia Boyd-James

Community Development

Virginia- Boyd James is the new face of community development in Corinth & Alcorn County. Under the direction of her and the Community Development Council, the Corinth Professionals, Leadership Alcorn, Junior Leadership Alcorn, Corinth First and Senior Connectors all have a new energy. Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, she earned a bachelor of arts degree in Public Policy Leadership at the University of Mississippi. During her time in Oxford, she worked as an Executive Assistant to Mayor Pat Patterson. She is married to John James of Corinth.

Corinth Professionals Program Thriving

Corinth Professionals
Corinth Professionals

Young professionals are coming together and experiencing Corinth in a whole new light. From winning the city’s first adult league kickball championship to trivia night at smith. on Thursdays, these millennials are loving life in the city of the crossroads. In August, Corinth Professionals held a golf tournament at Shiloh Ridge that had more than 60 participants. Every month, they host “Sip & CP”, which is a happy-hour event at a locally owned restaurant and CP provides appetizers for those that attend.

Corinth Professionals Virginia-Boyd James, director of the Corinth Professionals, says, “Corinth Professionals, being a sub-organization of The Alliance, is striving to infuse young talent into the Corinth area, while also providing opportunities for existing young professionals to develop more socially, civically and professionally.”

The schedule of future events is emailed out on the first of each month. For more information or to get involved, contact Virginia-Boyd James at virginiaboyd@corinthalliance.com. On social media, you can follow @CorinthProfessionals.

Industrial Roundtable

Industrial Roundtable
Industrial Roundtable

Earlier in the year, several local industries met and ultimately formed what is now the “Industrial Roundtable.” Since the original meeting, The Alliance has continued to organize the event, which has been held every other month for industry leaders to collaborate. The meetings offer a forum for industry participants and other community stakeholders to discuss topics of interest to all – ranging from quality, to safety, to workforce training. Participants have an opportunity to voice challenges they may be experiencing in their factories or to share best practices.

Caterpillar, Kimberly-Clark Professional and The Alliance hosted the first three meetings since the inception of the program. The latest roundtable was hosted by the Corinth School District, where the topic was the importance of developing meaningful partnerships between education and industry. The group discussed a range of ideas including the creation of apprenticeship programs and the possibility of on site instruction for students at the various industries.

If your company is interested in getting involved in future roundtable meetings, please contact Clayton Stanley at The Alliance.

Congressman Kelly Visits The Alliance

Trent Kelly, Congressman of Mississippi’s First District, visited Corinth and Alcorn County on August 24. Congressman Kelly and several staff members stopped by The Alliance to visit with president, Clayton Stanley, and his staff. The Congressman was very complimentary of Corinth and Alcorn County’s commitment to innovation and success. After the visit, Congressman Kelly tweeted: “Good things are happening in @CorinthAlliance under the leadership of Clayton Stanley, president. #MS01”. You can follow Congressman Kelly on twitter @RepTrentKelly.

RailHub South Site Receives Its Third TVA InvestPrep Grant

The Alliance was recently approved to receive another round of funding from TVA’s InvestPrep program to further develop the RailHub South site. The InvestPrep program is a competitive grant program available to communities in the Tennessee Valley Region to improve or construct industrial sites and buildings. Representatives from TVA and KPMG made up the selection committee to decide which communities received the grant.

RailHub Industrial Park

RailHub South has great potential to recruit a heavy industry, given its dual rail access, proximity to Highway 72 and opportunity for expansion. Having a dual rail site of this size is extremely rare, which makes RailHub South a hot site in the site selection market.

The $350,000 grant along with matching funds from The Alliance and other sources will be used to grade a portion of the site. The ultimate goal for The Alliance is to develop this site to the point that the entire cleared area is graded and pad ready, allowing a prospective industry the ability to build a building as soon as the land is purchased.

TVA’s InvestPrep Program has greatly accelerated progress at RailHub South over the last several years. TVA’s continued investment in the site has facilitated the clearing of the site, an access road and now the grading of the site, all of which have greatly improved the site’s marketability. RailHub is Alcorn County’s next industrial park and thanks to the great help of TVA and many others, it is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Expansions & Openings


KeyTronicEMS – Announced a 75 new career expansion over the next three years with a $500,000 investment. The company will be incorporating a new surface-mount technology production line into its facility.


Avectus Healthcare Solutions – Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant visited Corinth to cut the ribbon for the completed expansion of Avectus. More than 180 careers were added over the last two years, expanding employment to 334.


Hobby Lobby – The retail powerhouse Hobby Lobby officially cut the ribbon and opened in Corinth in late July. The opening added 38 careers to Corinth and Alcorn County.

Clayton Stanley – Alliance Update

J. Clayton StanleyCreating an environment for job growth occurs in many ways, ranging from a community that is vibrant and attractive to having buildings and land that are ready for businesses to occupy or build on. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of our people. The single most important factor companies look at when selecting where to do business is the availability and quality of the workforce. Alcorn County is fortunate to have a great story to tell on this front. Many of our local industries have been operating and thriving for 30 to 40 years – there is not a more compelling story for a new industry to hear than the people who have been and continue to be successful in our community. Beyond that, the future is bright for our workforce. Both the Corinth and the Alcorn County School Districts are leaders, not only in the state, but in the southeast region. They both continue to raise the standard – quite a story to tell anyone looking at our community. Finally, as the Millennial Generation looks to establish themselves, Corinth has proven to be a great place to do just that. We continue to work to make our City and County a great place for young people to come back to and stay.

On the site development front, we continue to make great strides on getting RailHub “pad ready.” In the very near future that site will be ready to build on and when it is, the site should sell itself. RailHub really is the future of industry in Alcorn County, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to market it.

Since taking over the Alliance, I’ve been asked several times, “How many jobs have you created?” My answer is that we are not in the business of job creation – our job is to work with many stakeholders both public and private to develop and promote a community where businesses of all types can establish themselves and be confident they will thrive. That’s our mission and I’m proud to say our team has never been more focused on doing just that.

Welcome New Alliance Members!

  • Simmons First Insurance Service
  • Tull Brothers, Inc.
  • Corinth Today/Today in Alcorn
  • County
  • 1st Franklin Financial
  • Dr. & Mrs. Bob Davis
  • OnSite Maintenance Service
  • Corinth Wine & Spirits
  • Fringe & Company
  • TechSoup
  • New Creations Counseling Services
  • Bethel University College of
  • Professional Studies
  • Polish Salon
  • Baber’s
  • Corinthian Wholesale Furniture
  • Lacosta Facility Support Services
  • Dr. and Mrs. R.H. Kay
  • Mr. Gerald McLemore
  • Constable Johnny Butler, Post 1
  • Mrs. Lenoir Stanley
  • Mr. and Mrs. John James
  • J.R.’s Wine & Spirits
  • Cruise Street Market
  • V Taco
  • Crossroads Medical Supply
  • Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
  • Cade’s Auto Care, Inc.
  • Timbes Insurance Agency
  • King Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Janet Davis, Mary Kay Independent
  • Consultant
  • Crossroads Body Shop
  • Elite Physical Therapy

Want to join? Email us for info! info@corinthalliance.com

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