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Corinth Home

Corinth Home

As the largest community and transportation hub for Alcorn County and northeastern Mississippi, Corinth is the focal point of business and industry and also the home of more than 14,000 people. The city gracefully blends historic charm with modern-day life and energy. Its progressive leaders and residents, grounded in the past, have their eyes sharply focused on the future.

Economically Strong
Corinth draws its economic strength and stability from the diversity of its commerce coupled with its strategic location, linked by intersecting roads and railroads to all major transportation routes. Over 50 businesses and industries, eleven of them employing 100 or more workers, form a solid base for further economic growth.

Socially Warm
The hum of commerce in Corinth stimulates rather than detracts from its hospitable and neighborly social climate. Corinthians are friendly and they welcome newcomers to the community. People feel safe because experienced, responsive health and public safety services are available. Churches and many social and civic organizations work to sustain and continually improve the quality of life.

Lots to Offer
The historic downtown area and other shopping venues offer a diversity of wares from the latest clothing fashions and gifts to antiques, books, housewares, and other items to meet daily needs. Dining options cover a wide range that includes traditional Southern cooking, seafood, barbecue, steak, and fine cuisine.

Never Boring
Life in Corinth can be stimulating or relaxing, whichever one prefers at a given moment. Four museums highlight various aspects of local history. The Corinth Coliseum Theater, built in the 1920s, is a beautiful building that serves as the venue for many types of shows and events. The Crossroads Arena hosts shows ranging from concerts and trade shows to rodeos and mud-digging big-truck events.

Great Outdoors
For sports and outdoor recreation, there is the Corinth Hiking/Biking Trail originating at the downtown Trailhead Park. A 38-acre Crossroads Regional Park just southeast of downtown offers a wide variety of facilities for outdoor sports, picnics, and hiking. Within a few miles there are four state parks, a wildlife management area, and six golf courses. See more details about Corinth recreational opportunities.

Other Communities

Farmington, just 4 miles east of Corinth, is a pleasant community of just over 2,000 people. A prosperous village in the 1850s, its growth was impeded when it was bypassed by the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. Now, however, it is once again a thriving small town. It is served by the Alcorn County School District.

Kossuth, about 10 miles southwest of Corinth, was renamed in 1852 to honor Lajos Kossuth, who led the 1848 democratic revolution in Hungary. With a population of more than 200, it is served by the Alcorn County School District and is the site of an elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Rienzi is located about 15 miles south of Corinth, just off of US Hwy 45. It is believed to have been named for a Roman tribune, Nicola Gabrina Rienzi. It is home to about 325 people and is served by the Alcorn County School District.

Glen is 9 miles southeast of Corinth along US Hyw 72 and owes its beginnings to the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. Today, it is home to just over 400 people.