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Jim Hobson

Magnolia Regional Health Center

"The Alliance’s efforts are critical for the success of Magnolia Regional Health Center as well as for Corinth, Alcorn County, and this region. As our community grows, Magnolia’s ability to serve as the healthcare hub of this region grows, too.”

Dean Arnold


“Our strong, continuous, partnership with The Alliance has enabled Kimberly-Clark to foster key relationships with local industry, education, and charities critical to the success of our business for many years to come.  We could not ask for a better partner than The Alliance to help us support on-going business growth, shape educational programs, and support our community.”


David & Elizabeth Rogers

Chick-Fil-A Corinth

"The Alliance has been paramount in the process of starting a new business in a new city. Corinth is a very business-friendly city, thanks to The Alliance, which made opening our restaurant very smooth and successful. Their dedicated leadership prioritizes economic growth and elevation for the entire county. The connections we have made with local business leaders and professionals through The Alliance have been irreplaceable."

Skylar Crayton

Corinth/Alcorn Parks and Recreation

“The Alliance has been instrumental in fostering connections, offering valuable resources, and creating a collaborative environment that has truly enhanced my professional growth and success. Their dedication to building strong relationships and facilitating meaningful interactions has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the continuous support they have provided. I highly recommend The Alliance to anyone seeking to expand their network and establish lasting partnerships in their respective industries.”

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